Retaining Walls Discussion

A topic to discuss the different types of retaining wall systems, use cases, considerations, materials, methods, costs, benefits, engineer designs, wall surcharges, engineering, engineering considerations (overturning moments), wall heights, drainage (systems and materials), gravels, standards & tolerances, best practices and more (TBD).

Building a Timber Retaining Wall: Essential Considerations and Tips

Hello everyone! Considering building a timber retaining wall? It’s a great choice for adding aesthetic and functional value to your landscape. The key factors include selecting the right type of timber, ensuring proper drainage, and understanding structural necessities like anchoring and footing depths. These walls are not only affordable but also relatively easier to construct than those made of concrete or stone.

Have you built a timber retaining wall before? What challenges did you face and what tips can you share?

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I look forward to your insights and experiences!